Friday, January 22, 2010

Road Trip

This weekend I'm going on a little road trip. In all my life I've never driven anywhere alone. I've always had company of some sort (even if it was a sleeping toddler). To be honest, I'm a little nervous. I have bad luck with road trips.
When Hana was 2 I decided that I wanted to visit a reservation in South Dakota. About 20 miles away from our destination we hit a serious blizzard and had to stay with an elderly couple I met in a diner. Overnight 3 feet of snow built up. When I called the tribal leader I was supposed to stay with he simply said, "Better not come. The roads aren't marked. Better not come."
When Hana was 3 my mom took us on a road trip to Santa Fe. Again, we got stuck in a blizzard, the highway was closed, and we had to stay in a Red Cross shelter in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Last April I tried to go to Santa Fe again, and my car got stuck in snow before we even left! Then the windshield wiper broke and we stayed in a hotel in Denver, about 40 miles from my house.
So wish me luck! I'm hoping for sunny skies all the way.

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