Friday, June 12, 2009


Goodness gracious, it has been awhile. So what's my excuse this time, you may be asking. Then you'll say, "You haven't been working as much with you new summer schedule, you've been making all sorts of new creations, you've had an exiting few weeks, and still, no posts?" Well, what can I say? I got so wrapped up in painting my living room red (or 'Spice', which is a brownish-red), organizing my studio, making a stuffed octopus, sewing a little stuffy for my daughter's 12th birthday, celebrating my daughter's birthday, and becoming totally absorbed with Ann Wood. I saw her cardboard castle a long time ago, and emailed it to myself but failed to follow through and look into her and what she does. She's amazing! She reminds me a little bit of myself- using recycled materials and her whimsical creatures. If you haven't ventured upon her site, you should go there now!