Friday, April 22, 2011

What I've been up to lately

So, obviously I haven't been blogging around here lately... Sorry about that! You might be wondering what exactly I have been doing with my time. So here is a list for those of you wonderers:

1) Working. Did you know I have 3 jobs? Yes, 3. Two of them are very part-time. My main job is as an art teacher at Clementine Studio, which I LOVE. It is so fun to see the creations that my students come up with!
For example, this is a portrait of me made by a 4 year old student (he was "pretending I had hair bows and had lost some teeth")

 2) Clay, clay, clay! Right now I'm registered in a pottery class and I'm trying to make the most of it. This is the first time I've had access to a full studio in 6 months and I'm so excited to be throwing, firing, and glazing work. Some of you may already know about my other love: Mud Whimsy. (It's my ceramic business- for those of you that don't know). Soon I'll have new work in the shop, another open house/sale, and a few improvements to the studio. I've also been trying to keep my clay blog updated-

work in progress
work in progress

work in progress
3) Speaking of the studio, I'm talking about the little shed my dad built me in the back yard, solely for my art. Working with clay is messy business, and my dad being the observant guy that he is, thought that it might be nice for me (and my roommates) if I had my own space to do it in. So he built a 10 foot by 9 foot shed, and I've gone out there every day since. My new goal is getting the exterior painted. It's been a lot trickier than I thought it would be with all this rainy weather, but slowly I'm getting there. I'm painting it a color called 'Pesto', and I'm quite thrilled with it. The trim will soon be a cream color...

Not a current photo- just the color!
4. Just life. My daughter, my boyfriend, and my dog. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Re-loved garden fence

Every time I went out to my studio I would think to myself, "Ugh, that fence is so ugly!" Rosie the dog keeps going in the garden, so a fence of some sort is necessary. But this one? I knew I could think of something better.  The other day when I was in Anthropologie I was inspired by their line divider made out of fabric.... 

This is what I came up with! Now when I go out to my studio I think, "Oh, how cute!"
I used the fence stakes that we already had,  then tore up a sheet and tied it around the stakes. The criss-cross part is the 'gate'. It's easy to step over but if needed it can just be untied and taken down without disturbing the rest of the fence. (I'll have better photos soon!)