Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting over

Today's project was unexpected and came up quick. My daughter decided she wanted to move her bedroom into was was previously "The Lounge"- the room I've always associated with the men that have come in and out of my life. First it was my daughter's father's room... Then it was Paul's, and then it was David's lounge. When Paul was living with us he chose a brown color with a hint of.... green? yellow? Whatever the color, it was very dark, very masculine, and very unsuitable for a pre-teen girl. So we went to the hardware store last night where my daughter chose a plum color for one wall and a cream color for the other three. The closet was in poor shape so we painted that plum as well (top photo).
All day I painted painted painted. I forgot what hard physical work painting is (my arms feel like they might fall off). I forgot how it always takes longer than I think (how does painting a tiny bedroom take 7 hours?!). And I forgot the thrill of how great a simple change in color can look I'm done. It feels so good to paint over the reminder of failed relationships and create new associations in its place. (more photos coming soon!)

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