Monday, January 4, 2010

Bunting! (AKA cute flags, banners, garlands)

I've been seeing these adorable fabric flags in all sorts of places. When I tried looking them up 'flags' didn't show me what I wanted, 'banner' was unsatisfactory, but 'bunting' was golden. Wikipedia's definition of "bunting" is a term for any festive decorations made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric in the colors of national flags gathered and draped into swags or pleated into fan shapes.
I learn something new every day! Here's some inspiration found on Etsy:

Little Scalloped Flag Garland by SparklePower Street Party8x8 inch photograph by Opart

I'm going to make a few for myself to hang in my house. I think it's the perfect way to brighten up any space! Women's Day has a tutorial (for 'Halloween Pennant Bunting'- I'm sure it'll be easy to modify and de-Halloween); Maya made has a tutorial using newspaper if anyone else has the itch to make some! And I'd love to see if you do.


Anonymous said...

You've inspired the buntinger in me! I'd love to share with you the result of that colorful inspiration. How do I send a photo?

ReLove Projects said...

Email it to I can't wait to see!