Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday Etsy Finds

I just love Etsy. I love checking the new treasuries, I love seeing what other artists are doing, I love being able to sell my work online, and I love all the inspiration. I would love to spend all my money on Etsy! Here are some great things I found by entering the word 'recycled' in the search box. REKAP makes these great hooks from using 100% post-consumer bottle caps. I love how modern and fun a bunch of them hanging on the wall look. And they're very affordable. I have this purple one coming my way!

William Dohman makes these adorable wood robots and whales from reclaimed wood.

And 'hunchblocks', reclaimed wood signs, gorgeous prints, photographs... This guy is a creative dynamo! I'll take one of each, please.

MissMosh created Summers Bounty Pillow II using recycled t shirts for all of the beautiful flowers added on. I love the bursts of color on the gray. And I love what she had to say about it (below the photo):

"I don't believe that art is purely aesthetic and should remain relegated to walls and shelves. It should come from all corners of a home, participating in life and infusing itself into the everyday -to be truly enjoyed and truly absorbed! Summers bounty II is the epitome of functional art, lovingly handcrafted layer after layer over many hours. A joyous riot of color representing all that summer has to offer; a bounty of roses, peonies, sweet peas, ruffles of foliage, and strewn about leaves. In colors of bright pink, peach, white, yellow, off-white, and foliage in blues and greens."

Next up is studio K aka Kailey Hawthorn. She hand painted a recycled record and turned it into this clock! It reminds me of all the vintage fabrics I work with. So cool.

And finally, a link that has nothing to do with Etsy but everything to do with recycling- If you ever wondered how you can recycle or reuse anything, check this site out.
Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check in next Tuesday for more recycled Etsy goods!
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