Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fess Up

Here we are already, at the end of another week (and the start of the weekend!). This week was a big one for ReLove Projects. If any of you tuned in on Monday you'll know that I created a lofty list of goals for myself and a promise to show you pictures of my studio today. I am sooooo happy I committed to that- it made me really stick to my 20 minutes + of organizing every day!
I didn't achieve everything on my list, but that wasn't really the point. I knew starting off that it wasn't realistic but that if I got through part of it that would be a huge accomplishment.
Now comes my full, detailed, itemized confession:
Goal number:
1)Clean/ organize studio at least 20 minutes a day
I did this! I sacrificed some of the other things on my list to clean and organize, but now that it's done I'll be able to do so many things so easily. I took photos of every angle and section, because I cleaned it all! I am very proud of myself, and wanted to show off a little. Unfortunately I didn't finish until after the sun went down, so the lighting isn't the best.

2) Finish the 12 cards I started
So close. I'm so close to finishing these that it's frustrating. My sewing machine was acting up and I gave it a break and never got back to it. But I'm closer anyway :).
3) Finish 2 of the 4 commissioned pieces
Hurrah! I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully my client will be too!
4) Blog every day
Yep, as evidenced here (Monday), here (Tuesday), here (Wednesday), and here (Thursday), and HERE!
5) Create something just because
Again, this one was on the back burner behind cleaning my studio. But again, now I can make stuff for fun so much easier now that I have an organized space to do it in!
6) Start my empty artwork
Unfortunately, I didn't even take them off the wall. They are still hanging up, still blank and primer-white as ever.
So that is all the nitty gritty. I hope you enjoyed this week, I know I did. Thanks so much for helping to keep me on track!

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