Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Quick" quilt

While reorganizing my studio I discovered so many pairs of jeans. It's about time I use all the material for something, right? So I started making a quilt. It's not a 4-H creation, there is no way I'd ever enter it in a competition- I haven't ironed a single seam, cut any sort of pattern out, or given any thought to the order. I just sewed. And sewed. Then I decided to add a whole floral scene from all the Tshirts I've stored away. After racing through sewing the jeans together I'm now hand stitching all the flowers and leaves and dots on... This is what I do- I think that I'll just make a quick project, finish it in a few days, but then I get sucked in by all my elaborate ideas. Everything always turns out much better in the end if I ride the waves of my imagination, but it sure takes a lot longer to finish!

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