Friday, February 20, 2009

Free People Blog and an Ingenious Dog

Hurrah! Free People Blog displayed a photo of my swap item and even said, "I really love the stuffed bird from recycled fabrics". What an honor!
My give-away birdie mobile is in the works and should be posted and up for grabs soon.... Sorry to string you along. My dog keeps breaking into my studio and chewing up the sticks I was planning on using! She's quite ingenious, this Rosie. And maddening. I couldn't figure out how she was getting in, and I'm still not sure if I've solved the mystery. I think she was scaling the shelf that separated the living room from my studio with the help of an ottoman that we'd pushed aside. I moved the ottoman, we'll see if there are any other trespasses!


Chocolate and Steel said...

That's so awesome!!!! I love free people.

Anonymous said...

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