Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Birdie Giveaway!

Well, it's finally here! This little birdie is very sweet- made from little bits of recycled fabric, recycled buttons, and a stick I found while on one of my many walks. It is handsewn. If you would like this birdie to be all yours just leave a comment telling me what friendly things you're doing for the environment, and then create a post on your blog with a link to ReLove Projects. Make sure your comment has some way for me to get back to you- either through email or your blog. Pretty easy, right? Monday, March 9 at about 1pm I'm going to put the commenter's names in a hat and draw one lucky winner.


quitecontrary1977 said...

That would look so sweet in my daughter's room.

One thing I do is use scrap rags instead of paper towels. I made a dispenser bad so you can pull out a clean little rag like you would a tissue.

tessa marie said...

My husband and I are very strict on our recycling and we set up bins to sort all of our recycleable products. Every time we move we find new recycle centers and try to get a recycling program going in the town. We try to convert everyone we know to Recycling all they can since it's SO easy!!

Digital Misfit said...

I am a crafter, so one of the things I do to help the environment is to use items from my home and the thrift shops in my work. Not only does it save money, but I wind up with completely unique pieces.
I am also about to begin a major home reno to make my home more eco-friendly by adding insulation and new windows to replace ones that have been here for decades.


Chocolate and Steel said...

Beautiful little birdie! My biggest recycling change lately is that we are saving all of our food scraps to put in a composter. We live in an apartment so there is no room for the composter but our friend nearby has one. We store the food scraps in reusable ziplock bags in the freezer. It has worked so perfectly for almost a year now and we have been the benefactors of some great compost for our herbs. Can't wait to have my own.