Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free People Valentines' Swap

I signed up for another swap through the Free People blog. It is always a good way to keep me creative, look for new inspiration, and try out some ideas. This year I was partnered with a gal named Jessie Huish, who is a photographer in Utah. Her blog is really cool (aren't those lights amazing!?). She said she liked birds and dark, rich colors so I made this:

Check the next post because I'm making a bird mobile to give away! (Hopefully it'll be up in just a few days.)


tessa marie said...

CUTE bird! I saw on flickr that your note said dear jessie and jessie is my friend then I saw your comment on her pay it forward! haha... you doing elsie marley's mobile swap too?

ReLove Projects said...

Oh how funny! Turns out this big internet net world is actually pretty small :). I don't know what Elsie Marley's swap is... I was planning on giving a mobile away!