Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Lately instead of blogging I've been eating Japanese candy! The wrappers are so cool! Especially the White Rabbit. And there are flavors like Gummi Kiwi- yum! I promise to put down the candy and get to work though.
I signed up for the Free People Clothing art exchange. The theme is 'Journey'- which could mean a lot of different things- so it's going to be interesting. For more information click HERE. I am so looking forward to both sending and receiving my project! I'm not going to post any progress or ideas related to it until it is absolutely finished just to save the surprise for my partner.
I'm still stiching little animals into the wee hours of the night too. Now I have a panda bear (2 actually, I gave one to my daughter!), and I almost have a giraffe- one more late night should do the job!

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