Thursday, May 31, 2007

Goodies- give away!

Last night I pulled out some fabrics and reorganized them. I love doing that because I get to rediscover everything I forgot I had stashed away. Imagine the possibilities- summer dresses, purses galore, clothing additions, silkscreens, more cards... So exiting. I am so inspired now! With the debut of my vintage fabric recycled cards I would like to offer to mail one to the first person that comments-- just say hello, and then I will get your address via email. Also let me know if you have any favorites- colors, animals, shapes, and I will make one especially for you.


breanna said...

Hi! I'm the first... Does that mean I get a card? I found you from the fp flickr group, I am doing the travel swap too. It's fun, isn't it? I love your giraffe!

ReLove Projects said...

Yeah! Breanna gets it! email me at and let me know some special things you like. I'll send you a FREE card!