Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I made a boat!

Ann Wood posted a tutorial on her blog, and it is one I've been wanting for so long! Her boats are amazing. Her birds are amazing. Really, she is amazing. So I made a boat. I still need to fancify the sail, paint the yet-to-be-decided name on the side, and maybe give it some passengers, but it is finished enough (and was finished enough last night at midnight) for me to be happy with it for a little bit. I hung it in front of my light to show off the white embroidery on the sail- made from a tattered recycled pillowcase. I used a pizza box for the boat form so that next time I eat pizza instead of thinking about how unhealthy (and deliciously so) it is I can think about future boats instead!

Here it's hung in front of a painting that I might still add something to. I've always envisioned a boat, but didn't think it would come in 3-D form!


ann wood said...

You made a fabulous boat!! Nice work.

jessica said...

I love it! Using the old pillowcase definitely adds some charm to the sail :-). Also, I like the way it works with the painting, like you've incorporated some 3D elements into a 2D medium.