Monday, November 30, 2009

Project Monday

Today is Monday, and for me Mondays are my almost-entirely-work-free-days! I teach an art class in the afternoon, but other than that my day is open for whatever I wish. Unfortunately, being a business day, I often end up running boring errands like going to the post office (and yikes! I need to do that today!), but I do try to do some enjoyable things too and I try especially hard to do those things without feeling guilty. So that leads us to my new goal for Mondays- I would love to devote a few hours to working on the on-going projects I have and other whimsies that come up.
First of all, I have to have to have to keep plugging away at this painting I started a month ago. (remember all the pondering I did?). I was looking through American Craft Magazine June/July 2009 and came across this great article about Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman. They both have contributed so much to the design world, and in so many different areas too. This is a hook rug designed by Evelyn:

Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my young students about art and creating things we want. He made this amazing Caterpillar out of play dough, based off of one he saw in a catalogue. His exact quote was, "I saw it in a catalogue and wanted it, but couldn't have it, so I made it!" I think this is part of how/why I became an artist. I've always loved pretty things, but I can't buy everything I want, and so I figure out ways to make something similar. Which I'm doing with Evelyn's rug. I'm going to change a few things, just so I'm not copying it exactly (which I couldn't do even if I tried!). Maybe the colors? I don't know. More pondering.
(I primed a piece of plywood, put screws and wire in the back so I could hang it up, and am painting with acrylic, if anyone is interested!)

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