Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday's anothers

2 forces are preventing me from staying updated on my etsy site and with other work. The first being my health- I have ANOTHER cold, this one is manifesting itself in my throat. Every time I cough I feel like little knives are puncturing my tonsils. I've put myself into isolation and have been watching many many movies. Have any suggestions?

The second force is nature. We have ANOTHER snowstorm. Just when the flowers were starting to recover they got crushed again. I love how hopeful daffodils and tulips are. Every single year they pop up to announce spring, and every single year they get a snow burial. My husband asked, "Why haven't they learned to just come later?" My belief is that they have learned, but are either so generous as to sacrifice themselves for the sweet signals of spring, or are just too impatient to wait until the chance of snow has passed.

This photo was taken near my home of the last snowstorm. I loved the blue sky behind the snowy mountains. A great thing about Colorado weather is that it changes so quickly. Sometimes we have rain, snow, and sun in the same day!

This is my latest bag. I have to wait to post it on etsy until I can get some decent photos! It has leather handles, is lined with flowered cotton, has an inside pocket with a button closure, and 2 very cute little earrings decorating the handle. I'm quite pleased with this one! Everything is, as always, recycled. Its pieces were once a shirt, a tablecloth and a pair of pants! If you'd like to reserve it please email or comment and I'll be sure to save it for you (first one wins)! In the meantime, check out the other great creations in my etsy store!

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