Sunday, April 12, 2009

New and news

I have some new projects going. I'm going to decorate this thrifted lampshade and turn it into a hanging light. I'm thinking navy blue on the green might look nice. I also have some visions of embroidered flowers. Any thoughts, ideas?

And I'm serious now, I'm going to start creating dog leashes and collars from recycled materials. Part of my inspiration is our new addition to our family! This is little miss Cheetah Bunny, otherwise known as Cheeba.

She's honestly as soft as a bunny, I don't think I've ever felt a dog this fuzzy before. Someone pet her today and exclaimed, "How can she be this soft?!" My husband and I were talking about how it would be a great invention to have some sort of textured photo so that we could show the world what Cheeba feels like. On Thursday night my family went to a fundraiser for dogs. A big attraction was 'Project Ruffway' where adoptable dogs were the main models. When we saw Cheeba (then Bonnie, but I've known too many Bonnies and just couldn't have a dog with the same name!) we all had the same thought- that she would be a perfect addition to our home. Everything fell into place, and before we knew it we had a new little girl cuddled up on our couch!

If you are thinking about getting a dog please consider looking into your local shelter and rescue groups. So many dogs are mistreated in this world, and so many dogs are needlessly euthanized because of irresponsible breeders. If you love our Cheeba and would like to meet some similar dogs in Colorado check out New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue and Rehoming, Inc.

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