Wednesday, April 4, 2007

It's clean! Quick, take a picture!

This is my NEW work space set up. I'm really looking forward to creating the many projects I have brewing in this head...
In the top picture you can see some of my inspiration a little closer- All the animals are marching. I went on a shopping spree one night on Etsy (while you're there be sure to check out ReLove Projects' Store!). I bought the purple elephant from Oh the cuteness, the multi-colored elephant (On the bottom right.) from LookWhatICanDo, and the cute guy looking sideways from Yuk Yuk. Etsy is a great place to buy anything because you buy directly from the artist. That means no astronomical mark-ups (50% or more!), the artist gets a bigger cut, and because of that YOU get a lower price. What a deal! Etsy is making the world an easier place for us crafty folks.

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QuirkyBindi said...

Man, I keep missing my "clean moments" and the opportuntiy to take pictures of them. I'm so glad to see Gertrude sitting up there keeping you company! Have you seen Aubrey the orange one yet? She's in the store, but I still like Gertrude the best, she'll always be the original!