Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mumu Whale

In anticipation of the holidays I am trying to think of some cute ornament ideas... I'm experimenting with making animals out of recycled fabric, kinda based on my cards. I am really happy with this whaley guy! He's made out of a former gigantic vintage mumu, that was actually the first fabric that inspired me to create things using recycled materials.  I'm down to scraps and pieces, but I feel like this is the mumu that keeps on giving. I think he's going to have water spouting out of a button blowhole to be hung up by.

Next I want to make an octopus! And more whales too. 

A little side note... If you live in Boulder be sure to check out the Open Studios Tour starting this weekend.  It is truly an art event not to be missed! My encaustic teacher Alix Cristian will be participating along with my clay crush Caroline Douglas. And like, 125 other artists. 

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