Friday, September 23, 2011

Firefly Handmade

Have you heard about the Firefly Handmade Markets? It was started last year by three Boulder artsy ladies: Kristin FitzGerrell, Allison Bozeman and Holland Seydel. To sum it up, Firefly Handmade is a way for local artisans to display and sell their goods in the community.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of working the Clementine Studio art booth at the Firefly Gypsy Farm Market and I was SO impressed with EVERYTHING. The booths were so creative, the work that the artisans were selling was inspiring and beautifully made, and everyone was happy! Really, everyone was just so happy and friendly.
My photo is of the outside "yard" where there were trucks, airstream trailers and tents. Hay bales with quilts draped over them were in the food area where mobile restaurants rolled in just when I started feeling hungry.
I was so very impressed and inspired that I decided to give it a whirl for the Firefly Winter Market! I've submitted an application on behalf of ReLove Projects.  I'm trying not to set my heart on being accepted... But I'm crossing my fingers. It's time for me to invest a bit more of myself and to take a few leaps and risks, so here I go!

PS- Almost everything is ready for my Art Party tomorrow night! I hope to see you there- 6pm-9pm, my house.

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