Sunday, August 28, 2011

ReLoved Coat

Motivating myself to get back on track with ReLove Projects began with cleaning my studio. It was (and still is) a horrible mess. I have it closed off with a curtain which makes everyone want to peek around it. So it has become a horrible, embarrassing mess! I'm trying to spend some time every day organizing, getting rid of stuff, recycling, tossing. Every day it gets a little better. I keep discovering things forgotten- a box of antique buttons, magazine tear sheets, my old notes from art school... I have also found many many projects that are unfinished.

This coat has been in progress since February or so... Unfortunately I don't have the 'before' photos, so I'll describe it for you. It was pretty plain, just a blue button up coat. The biggest problem was that it could have fit someone about twice my size! I started altering it with great gusto,  worked away, and then lost half of the zipper. I could not figure out where the heck it went! So the coat stayed in a pile on the floor of the studio adding to the mess and the list of unfinished things sitting around in my creative conscience. Cleaning my studio led me to the discovery of the lost half of the zipper (mixed in with a pile of papers).  I tore the buttons off the coat, stitched lace on, and sewed the zipper on asymmetrically. The coat was way too big for me and one of my favorite tricks to adjust the fit is overlapping the front flaps. Another one of my favorite things to do with coats is to add inside pockets. In my creative fantasy world I would add pockets to everything!

I might add more lace- maybe to the other side to hide the zipper, or around the cuffs, maybe on the front pockets... What do you think? Either way I'm happy to have it done enough to hang in the coat closet!

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