Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tiny homes

I happened upon the website This Tiny House recently and was so impressed! It's all about living a big life in a small space. The creators of the blog are currently living in a small trailer and traveling, but before that they shared a 500 square foot home.

I have dreams of someday living in an old VW van... The problem is that I have so much stuff! Being an artist I do eventually use much of what I have so it's difficult for me to wrap my brain around such a drastically different lifestyle than the one I'm currently living. I love the idea of paring down though, and This Tiny House has inspired me to do that. Maybe someday I'll be able to fit into my VW!

Both images are from Texas Tiny Houses. The first one measures 12' by 21', the bottom one is 12' by 28'. These are lived-in homes!

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