Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I like to ride my bicycle, bicycle!

'I LOVE TO RIDE- (It's A Passion)' by paradacreations, found HERE

Since making the pledge to ride my bike to work in March I've been finding all sorts of fabulous bicycle things....

Bicycle jewelry,
black plated vintage bicycle pendant necklace, morikaty, found HERE

bicycle photography,
'bicycles bicycles I love bicycles', by maddenphotography. Found HERE

I especially love the description: " I took this photo while I was visiting Osaka Japan, It is such a HUGE city, with TONS of people. But what is great, is that EVERYONE rides their bike to work! You will see hundreds of bikes lined up everywhere! What a great way to be Green!"

bicycle clothing,
Octopus on a bike, darkcycleclothing, found HERE

bicycle artwork
'4 Fun deers on a bicycle', by Coco De Paris, found HERE

My pledge is going strong! I commuted by bicycle on Friday. It was really chilly outside and if I hadn't made the promise then I probably would have driven to work. Instead I bundled up and after a few minutes of pedaling I was nice and warm. I also rode in today. Again, had I not made the pledge I would have come up with enough excuses to convince myself that I should drive. It was really windy, and I'd be getting out of work right when the sun was going down. I don't have a bike light, so I'm weary about biking at night, but I made it home while it was still light enough. So my excuses weren't very valid! Every time I ride my bicycle it makes me so happy!

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