Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes it's the only thing I can say

Sometimes I'm reminded of how little control I have over anything. Usually at that point the best thing for me to do is to take a deep breath and....... let go. And if I'm really frustrated, adding the F-bomb into that said letting go can help too!
This was made from a former skirt, a pillowcase, and embroidery floss. I stitched the fabric onto a stronger backing (felt works well), then tied the letters onto a strip of fabric with embroidery floss.


Amanda said...

I love this! It's honestly cute, despite the message!

ohthecuteness said...

Lol, I want one of these! I am currently working on a subversive cross stitch that says "Suck It." One of my favorite booya-type sayings. But yours is truly awesome, I must say.