Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The lost art of snail mail (and a giveaway!)

I've been thinking lately about how much I love receiving a colorful envelope in my mailbox, opening it up, and finding a sweet note from someone I love inside. I try to write letters to those I love from time to time, and I try to mail them, but many times I get as far as choosing the card and thinking about what to write before it gets shuffled into my piles of papers until months later when I find it and think, "Oh yes, that card, for that dear one... Now, what should I write? Hmmm." And the process begins again. I am so so sooooo bad, and this is something that is really such a small effort but can make a HUGE difference in somebody's day. Here is my goal: I am going to write someone every week! Just to say hi, just to say you're special, just to say I appreciate you and all that you do, or just to draw a little funny picture. I would love it if some of you will create a similar goal to spread the joy of snail mail. Leave a comment about what you are willing to commit to (writing your grandma finally, sending your 3 best friends a handmade postcard, writing a thank note to someone... Just some ideas!), and I will draw a few names from a hat. If your name is drawn I'll send you a specially made snail card- blank- so you can then send it along. Winners will be notified May 19, 2009!


cpullum said...

I have the same problem I by cards and make them then I put them to the side then later I find them and say darn! Forgot to send that!
I totally understand!

goalmom said...

I have an aunt who doesn't have a computer and has limited funds. She lives in another state and when she calls long distance she sounds like one of those fast talkers, trying to get a lot of info in a short amount of time. I really need to stay in touch more and will commit to writing her twice a month.