Monday, May 18, 2009

I've been busy

Lately I've been a creative dervish working on a million things at once. I started several new paintings that aren't quite finished but I still want them up in the meantime! I have my artwork on almost every single wall of the house now. These are both on canvas using watered down acrylics. I'm still adding to them, but can't quite figure out what yet. Another view!
I finally made some dog collars! I used recycled jean, and some funky fabric from a vintage shirt.

And finally the dining room. We had an ugly light fixture fan with gold and wicker. Awful. Horrendous. Every time I looked at it I just wanted to change it, but we're renting, so I've been racking my brain to come up with some creative cover-up. First I got the idea to change up an old lampshade and hang it over the blaring lights, just to dim them out a little. As I was holding it up my husband said, "I think we can unscrew those fan blades..." Oh, I am so happy he thinks in a totally different way than I do! After taking the fan off and putting the lampshade on we have a completely different look! And when we move we can just put the fan back on and no one will ever know. In the background I've been painting dots on some tar paper as I feel like it. It's an easy way to get some variety.

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ohthecuteness said...

Hi Anne! Your paintings are absolutely amazing! Just wanted to let you know! <3