Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gertrude the 3-leg inaudible elephant

I made these postcard for a new project I'm involved with called .POST DUE. (click here to check it out and/or sign up yourself!)
It is great fun- You sign up on their mailing list, receive a postcard, and then make & send one back. The guy must have such a huge collection now. I like the idea of making tiny little art projects every month-- And I love the idea of receiving one. Who doesn't love to get mail? I'm thinking of sending out something like this to my mailing list-- so get on it! You'll receive a very special card handmade from recycled materials from ME! email me at
PS- Thank you to Oh-The-Cuteness for the muse! (Check out the blog here)

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QuirkyBindi said...

Oh how cute is that??? Thanks so much Anne! I'm so glad Gertrude went to a good home where she is loved and inspires people! I'd love to get on that mailing list. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

^_^ Chase.