Saturday, December 4, 2010

Golden Friday

There is a cute town called Golden about 30 minutes away from me. Even though it is nearby I've only driven through and haven't spent any time there. Last time while passing through my squeeze and I decided we'd come back. Yesterday we both had the day off and seized the opportunity to visit Golden! This is what we did:

Photographed the Justice Center.

(I think he was just testing his camera settings, but I figured I'd throw this one in! We were in a big field by the Justice Center and the wild winds were blowing, whipping my hair around)

Visited downtown Golden... Something that thrills me to no end is posing with statues. While my antics have embarassed some, the guy I'm with now actually helped me up on to the buffalo and then took about a million photos.

This was a rusty old bike chained up downtown. I just thought it looked neat!

We ate at Ali Baba Grill, Lebanese and Persian cuisine. If you live anywhere near Golden I highly recommend you try Ali Baba's. I'd go to Golden just to eat there, it's really THAT good!

We visited the Foothills Arts Center. (String photo was part of a display. It was made to look like a tree- very cool!)

Even though we were gone for just a few hours and about 30 miles away from my house, I felt like we'd gone on a vacation. I came home inspired and refreshed!

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