Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour give away

Millions of people across the world signed up for Earth Hour 2008, and probably millions more participated and didn't sign up (like me!). The idea is that for one hour people and businesses turn out the lights for one hour in order to reduce emissions and make an environmental statement. This one hour made a HUGE impact worldwide! Emissions in Sydney (the pioneer of this movement) were reduced by over 10%, which is like taking 48,000 cars off the road. Imagine what could happen by Earth Hour 2009- Sign up, get local businesses involved, tell a friend, set up your own Earth Hour in your community. Visit for downloads, information, tips, and links.
We had a lot of fun turning things off. It was surprising how much electricity we used without realizing! There are many things- like power strips, kitchen appliances, radios, computers- that are still turned on (and using electricity) even when not in use. My new commitment is to keep all those things unplugged until I'm actually using them. Every little bit helps! Leave a comment with your environmental commitments- After 2 weeks I'll put your names in a hat and send the lucky winner one of ReLove Projects' fabulous recycled cards!


ohthecuteness said...

Hi Anne!
My roommate and I try like heck not to waste a single scrap of paper. In our house it gets made into art by me mostly, but all the stuff I can't use is shredded and then made into new paper! It's a lot of fun.
By the way, your cards for the post due swap are so kick ass! I adore the goat one!

ReLove Projects said...

Yeah! Using recycled goods in art is the BEST!

ReLove Projects said...

Congratulations to ohthecuteness, a special earth-friendly something will be heading your way!