Friday, January 11, 2008

Denver Day

Today was so inspirational and exiting! I met the hot mama behind Thriftonista through myspace. Thriftonista is a Denver-based online site that sells vintage clothes at a very reasonable price. She responded to my desire to borrow a typewriter. What a funny world- sometimes you put something out that you're hoping for and you get more than expected! After a delicious piece of homemade cake and a lovely time at T's house I stopped by a thrift store and scored:
A long time ago I made The Sound of Music Bag from, you guessed it, curtains! That bag sold, and I have only scraps of the original material left. I found a really similar brocade-type curtain in a nice yellow color, so hurrah, the Sound of Music Bag lives on! I found enough of these curtains (that my hot new boots are on) to make a whole series.
My sweetheart picked this up for me at Salvation Army awhile back. $1 for these two sheets! What a rad summer dress this will be someday.


jessica said...

I picked up that same sheet in a different colorway from Goodwill a couple months ago and love it! Its been popping up in projects everywhere. And I agree, the first time I saw it I thought "oooooh, summer dress!" [mine is a blue green aqua colorway, more cool]

Julie said...

I have a similar curtain in my stash somewhere, lol.