Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yoga Bags!

Hurrah! I've finally had some time, energy, and inspiration to create something new. I've been getting into the yoga movement lately- it is so transforming! Every time I do it I feel lighter and brighter. And I love it sooooo that I decided I needed to make a bag devoted to it. This one, the prototype was made from a bedspread a friend gave me to turn into pillows and napkins and curtains. She let me have the extras. Here is the end result: It zips closed, the strap is padded, and it has an exterior pocket. I'm going to test it out and then make some! If you are interested in getting the first batch email me ASAP Also, I've decided that $5 from every yoga bag bought from me will go to Seane Corn and her work with Off The Mat, Into The World. Find out more about it here.


ohthecuteness said...

I can't believe the beautiful patterns you whip up, all your bags are so lovely! My new roomie and I are going to take up yoga soon, now I know where to get a mat bag!

red tin heart said...

Fantastic Bag! xoxo Nita