Thursday, August 9, 2007

Conscious Business Practice

Check it out the video at!(this blog host does not accept the code). Every Thursday Elephant Magazine (I'm a huge fan, can ya tell?!?) hosts speakers on different interesting topics. Last week the theme was 'Service'- and there were several community members doing extraordinary things with their time in politics, non-profits, and volunteer work. What this video was taken from was all about organic and ecobusiness practices. Some favorite Boulder locals including Pangea, Larabar, Justin's Nut Better and others joined the talk. These are really important things to put out there! If every business took it upon themselves to maybe take in a little less profit and make a positive change for the environment, we'd see significant changes! You don't need your own business in order to make big changes either-the way you spend your money is HUGE! Know who you are supporting, know that every purchase you make can go towards businesses trying to improve the world or aiding in its destruction. If the money starts to swing towards mindful businesses then changes will happen. Support local businesses and support organic and environmental businesses! Be the change you want to see.

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