Friday, June 8, 2007

Free People Blog Announcement

Free People Clothing sent out this blog announcement to their ENTIRE MAILING LIST! Notice the giraffe? How could you not!?! I am obviously thrilled. Check out the blog for yourself here.
Also, if you look at the blog there you will get free shipping on your Free People order. Their stuff is beautiful, but I'm still locked down at Wardrobe Refashion. Let me know if you take advantage, I can get some vicarious shopping in!
Soon I may have to start selling my little guys with all the publicity they are bringing me!
Tomorrow me, my daughter, and my boyfriend are off to San Francisco for a few days. This is my first vacation in 2 years, so I am really REALLY looking forward to it. But I haven't packed... And I haven't done the pre-travel cleaning.... And I should probably get some food for the airplane (I hear that's not provided anymore)... So I better go and prepare. Check in next week for all of my post-travel exitement, photos, and stories!

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